"Cloud Pen" Cloud Computing Scalable Solution & Security

Cloud Pen Cloud Computing & Security


"Web disaster" picture:


"Cloud Pen" Project: Understanding new web computers (+stability):

Cloud Pen Cloud Computing Diagram

Creation date: 2012-09-27T02:23.11Z
This drawing was dedicated to Generation Z as the web becomes a resource (crude).

Skills: White list for children.

Can be for the "Cloud Pen" white list of URLs managed by social approvals.


Children's link += URL add

Sample popup menu on URL selector locked by one account
onto pen cloud browser locking reality on her virtual:
0-14-16-99+ years old.

1/12 works, 1st is named "Cloud Pen":

Engine on servers to render scalable vector pages tunneled graphic framing locally by a CGPU:
(can be a method to render web apps)

- Five TCP/IP ports dedicated and others locked at sources: entries making:
Port 1° ~ Draw +
Port 2° ~ Coordinates +
Port 3° ~ Key input +
Port 4° ~ Data pipeline as raw +
Port 5° ~ Keysum of raw packets.

- Server! next = 1 click 1 frame to be CGFX scalable into Viewer of frames.

- Representatively constrained into addressable MMU.

- Data types binaries on an MMU: data activity over side to use as plugin!

- Tree I/O logical as layer library activity on the render view.

2/12 - www.supremeoptimizer.org

A flake of the iceberg Mini-tel V2
readable @temporis

Call 1
Message 1
Message 2
Email 1
Call 2
Call 3
Message 3
Email 2
Email 3

3/12 - dndsort.com

Another Tip: Right-click pop menu "Store File into Cloud"

Data types OR
File identifier

Up to folder European Sorting Categorized?

Sort your files
- NEW sources and website to be sold -

4/12 - www.friendop.cloud

Online WhiteBoard
Sample web app
Cordova development, phone me to deploy your "Startup".

5/12 - réparation informatiques

A Bug (~15 minutes)

- or no feeds -
- Bugs repair -
- YES Bugs Repair -

6/12 - www.WebSiteCreation.fr

7/12 - www.CuriculumVitae.FranckMagazine

8/12 - www.a2cfabuleux.com

I'm alone one day tells me you have to do it!
Static or Dynamic in all the thrills!

9/12 - end gafam

    *** archive.org ***

    sur archives http://www.10f-c-tout.com/

    sur archives http://www.paradisier-discount.com

    10/12 - 2d engine with xaml c#, call me for collaborative or more:

    C# Code Generating random's maps!
    PNG image loader to go direct paint without difficulties, thanks Grandma for the time!
    (initial code from Amiga 'C' OS Friendly)

    11/12 - Oldies But Goodies:

    Cloud Pen Cloud Computing & Security

    Cloud Pen Cloud Computing & Security

    Cloud Pen Cloud Computing & Security
    .:|:. sources 1 .:|:. sources 2 .:|:.

    proven how time in peace the false "iso" logo! starting 28/12/2018

    dimanche 24 décembre 2023 still here pouffff

    iso label

    12/12 - Wolf phone paint a line to do:

    bios - 5g receiver - fill memory address to pin the address of actual frame to display from rom system images.

    Bonus A.I.: CODE:
    bts language c 1er devoir CODE
    bts language c 2eme devoir CODE
    c project editor, an graphic makefile
    Amiga simcity like game code, named president
    infinite thanks @ https://www.labanquepostale.fr/pour mon compte militaire 31rg genie

    infinite thanks @ B.N.P.Parisbas pour les credits excel


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